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Originally only fitted with a barrel mounted tangent rear-sight, the British early contract rifles had the Mossberg S102 receiver mounted aperture sight added to emulate the rear-sight of the Lee-Enfield No.4 Rifle. It is supplied with two screws to fit existing screw holes. It could be as simple as a missing sight or it does not have the latest upgrade.It has to be said that the Mossberg was a very light-weight representation of the No.4 rifle, and far less realistic than other training rifles of its era - the best of which were simply small-bore versions of the parent service rifle, such as the SMLE No.2 Mk IV* and the later No.7 Rifle - but, at that time, it was a case of "needs must when the Devil drives". The Mossberg's were factory rebuilt in 1948 and fitted with Parker Hale rear sights.Just two years into the 1939-45 War, Britain was suffering a serious shortage of suitable training rifles. were already supplying much miltary materiél, and a request was made for a consignment of .22 rimfire rifles suitable for the purpose.

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A common mistake I have seen in many, many, gun shops and online sites is to assign the 12ga serial number date to a 16ga.

Trek frame serial numbers (SNs) are typically stamped into the bottom of the bottom bracket shell.

In the case of some early 80s Treks, the number is under the plastic cable guide on the bottom of the shell.

I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that information above is correct.

Since 1919, Mossberg® has been the leader in introducing important design breakthroughs to the firearm industry.

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