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You’re gonna see RVM install ruby-1.8.7-p302 first, be patient as it will need to also install rubygems-1.3.7, before it finally gets to that 1.9.2.

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If you haven't already, install Package Control, then select extensions, convert them to plist xml files, and send in a pull request.

Also, please fill out any missing info, including bundle version (use date if you're not tracking versions), which version of the Unity API the bundle supports, i Phone API support, etc.

I’ve been working with a lot of XML lately and finding out where your document is not well-formed can be a hassle.

Mono Develop-Unity is the Unity-specific implementation of Mono Develop, an open source IDE tailored for developing in Mono/. As the leading IDE for Unity, Mono Develop-Unity tightly integrates with Unity functions includes advanced IDE features like auto completion, debugging, code insight, & custom color scheme editing. :) More info about the emacs mode for JS can be found at: Text Mate is a popular general text editor for OSX.

It's very extensible with tabs, macros, snippets, code folding and shell inegration.

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