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i thought the idea was kind of weird at first, but im really paranoid about the internet and whatnot.

the first time we did it, i was hard before we had even introduced ourselves to our audience, and we pretty much stopped chatting and started fucking within a few minutes.

The building’s windows are so high up that guests tend to feel safe leaving the curtains open.

So, Roger climbs out onto a ledge on the roof, trains his handheld high-zoom camera on the uncovered windows, and hits record.

just curious about some other peoples perspectives or experiences here my gf and i dont call ourselves swingers. i wont speak my opinions on "swing culture" here, but i just feel im on a totally diff wavelength.

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but, weve recently discovered we really like just having another couple watch us fuck on skype.Then, if he happens to catch an unsuspecting woman, especially a naked one, he posts the video on the internet.Roger has posted such videos more than two dozen times in a thread on the message board The Voyeur Forum.The judge, Recorder Mark Heywood, described the former Goldsmiths University student as “jealous and controlling” as he handed down the sentence.“It's clear from the evidence that many, many, many recordings were made by the computers of the three young women...concerning the most private acts in their own homes,” he said.“This course of offending showed persistence and a degree of premeditation […] for your personal sexual gratification.“Police were first alerted in November 2010 when one of the victims, who was then 21, found software on her computer that allowed the webcam to be accessed remotely.

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