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It works when you stop hoping each person you meet will be the one and instead, decide to just have fun with the experience, regardless of the outcome. Think of the anecdotes you can share with your friends.

I find it takes a few weeks to get a feel for how things work.

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When it doesn't feel fun anymore, TAKE A BREAK. Change your profile to reflect how you're feeling.But in my experience, online dating is worth to use. Most shocking thing is that people use it but not comfortable to confront about it openly. But I personally suggest you that, this is not a crime to afraid of and mainly this is the best way to find your connection. Then why are you ashamed of using the dating sites? That is the most common questions everyone curious to know.My first suggestion to your questions is, be honest. But as we know most of the time first impression really exist.What are your opinions and thoughts about this topic?Our world today is very fast-paced and busy with internet communication being one of the top ways to make friends and meet people.

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