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Mind you, it wasn’t Gok’s fault that Tim kicked off the interview by saying: ‘If you’re from a council estate in Leicester, how did you find opera?

’ But Gok, 42, outdid him by offering a bewildering bit of advice on how to consume opera: ‘What you do is, when the music starts, you take what you want from the show — whether it’s the set design, the lighting, the costume, or the story.

‘Bear in mind that these incredible divas don’t have microphones!

’ was one that stood out, during his chat with hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer (the latter of which has never been to an opera).

You take what you want.’ We’ll just take Pavarotti’s beard, then, yeah?

After revealing that the first piece of opera he fell for was Puccini’s The Flower Duet, Gok then explained what a trip to the opera is like: ‘It’s like going to an art gallery.

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