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It also became a cultural hub and several famous Persian poets and scientists came from this city.

Khujand was captured by the Muslim armies in the early 8th century under Qutayba ibn Muslim, and incorporated into the Umayyad and later Abbasid Caliphates.

It is situated on the Syr Darya at the mouth of the Fergana Valley and was a major city along the ancient Silk Road.

Khujand is the site of Cyropolis (Κυρούπολις) which was established when king Cyrus the Great founded the city during his last expedition against the Saka tribe of Massagetae shortly before his death.

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Alexander the Great later built his furthest Greek settlement near Cyropolis in 329 BC and named it Alexandria Eschate (Greek: Ἀλεξάνδρεια Ἐσχάτη) or "Alexandria The Furthest".

The city would form a bastion for the Greek settlers against the nomadic Scythian tribes who lived north of the Syr Darya River.

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