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Rather “[o]n January 9, 1999, Weider sent Merck an email noting that the parties had made a ‘mutual decision’ to cancel Weider’s “existing order for [MTHF].'” Watson filed Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) seeking FDA approval to market generic versions of Safyral® and Beyaz®, in response to which Merck and Bayer brought ANDA litigation in the U. The District Court rejected Watson’s invalidity arguments, and found that the there had not been a commercial offer for sale because (i) the September 9, 1998 fax “was not sufficiently definite to qualify as a commercial offer because it did not include ‘important safety and liability terms,'” and there was no “definitive agreement” that had been “signed by both parties” as required by the Confidentiality Agreement. The Federal Circuit decision was authored by Judge Mayer and joined by Judges Dyk and Hughes.

The attacker then causes the victim to associate, and possibly authenticate, against the server using that session identifier, giving the attacker access to the user's account through the active session.

It can be done explicitly, as part of a cache coherence protocol.

In such a case, a processor changes a memory location and then invalidates the cached values of that memory location across the rest of the computer system.

There are three specific methods to invalidate a cache, but not all caching proxies support these methods. When the client requests the data again, it is fetched from the application and stored in the caching proxy.

This method removes all variants of the cached content.

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